Roof Inspections

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Everything looks great on my home. The men working at my house were very professional and willing to answer all of my many questions. Again, thanks. It was certainly a pleasure to work with your company.

Just wanted you to know how great your staff is from answering the phone and being so helpful.  The person who did the estimate and Matt who did the work on my roof.  You have a very courteous and extremely efficient bunch of people working for you.  Thanks so much!

Two good rains since your men were here and all looks good! (very nice and capable guys).  Thank you! We will pass your name on to our acquaintences.

I am writing this letter to let you know how impressed I am by your crew and your company.  Your men are hard working, courteous and efficient.  Being in a service/construction business myself, I know what it means to be prompt and professional.  Your quick response both on our estimate and on our work was impressive as was the clean up that your crew did before leaving.  We never would have known you were here when you left.  Thanks for the great job.

We were introduced to Lombardo Installations by our realtor. We had recently purchased a home in Lake Zurich. The inspector told us that the roof looked like it would need to be replaced in a few years. We decided that we should ask a roofing company to look at it. Chris was more than happy to help us out and even did a couple of small repairs while he inspected the roof. Turns out, the roof was on its last legs. Chris was very helpful in explaining what the issues were and offering what his company could do to rectify them. We decided to contract with Lombardo to replace our roof. Chris and his team were professional, courteous and efficient. The result was amazing, and the job site was spotless when they finished! We highly recommend Chris and his team and will definitely contact them first for any home projects that come up.

We have been very happy with all the phone calls and Chris' attentiveness and willingness to answer all my questions. I have already and will in the future recommend you to anyone who needs work on their roof! The work that was done looks great and we are so happy we decided to go with C Lomabardo! Thank you for everything.

We just wanted to let you know that we’re very happy with our new roof and siding.  We were also very pleased with the professionalism of everyone who worked here.  It was a great experience for us.

Thanks so much to you and your staff.  The roof looks fantastic!

Thank you for a fast and efficent job.